Best Hurricane Impact Windows and Impact Resistant Windows for Broward County

We are here to help if you are interested in impact resistant windows in Broward County, Florida. Phoenix Windows and Doors is a longstanding company that is led by a highly regarded general contractor with well over two decades of experience. When you choose our company, you can rest assured that we will provide top quality impact windows that are installed by master technicians.

Hurricane Proof WindowsFolks that are fortunate enough to reside in Broward County are living the southeast Florida dream that is so alluring to many people around that country. Without question, there are world-class beaches and golf courses, fantastic restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, great schools at every level, and many lucrative career opportunities.

The positives are too numerous to list, but there is one significant threat that can have a devastating impact. Tropical storms and hurricanes are not uncommon in this area, and this is why impact windows are a must for Broward County homeowners. When you take this step, you protect your family and your property, and you can go forward with peace of mind.

Hurricane Impact Windows are An Investment—Not an Expense

The hurricane resistant windows Broward County homeowners can purchase from us are surprisingly affordable, and that is advantage number one. Plus, our impact resistant windows are treated with a low emissivity coating, and there are other high-tech, energy efficient features.

Storm WindowsOnce they are installed, your energy bills will go down, so this is money going right back into your pocket. In addition the power bill reductions, there is the insurance factor. All homeowners insurance companies that do business in South Florida want their clients to have hurricane resistant windows. When you do the right thing and engage us to install impact windows, you will get a home insurance premium discount.

There is another enticement that you can take advantage of as a Broward County resident. Financing for replacement windows can be obtained through the Ygrene Energy Fund. You can choose the home equity option and make a single payment every year along with your property tax remittance. There is also a credit-based loan with monthly payments for people that have strong credit scores.

Impact Windows Are in Your Reach!

Now is the time for action if you have been rolling the dice each hurricane season with flimsy, outdated windows. You can speak with one of our consultants about hurricane impact windows in Broward County, Florida if you call us at 954-526-2435. We also have a contact form on this website that you can use to send us a message.