Comparing Vinyl Impact Windows and Aluminum Impact Windows

Which Type Should I Choose for My Window Replacement?

Impact resistant windows are a great choice for homes in South Florida. You’ll have protection from hurricanes and storms as well as from break-ins. And, you’ll have lower bills from energy efficiency and lower home owner premiums. But which window frame is the better option – aluminum or vinyl?  Both options have been available for almost 40 years and are much stronger and durable than ever.

Storm WindowsVinyl Replacement Windows

While many people think vinyl is relatively recent, vinyl window frames have been around for a while and are growing in popularity. While mostly being found on new construction, they are also an excellent choice when it comes to replacement windows. One of the main benefits of vinyl windows is the unique design, two panes of glass enclosed with layer of argon or krypton gas, that offers superb insulation for extreme temperatures, and against sound and noise. While single panes may transmit more heat or cold from outside temperature extremes, the double-pane model absorbs excess fluctuations and noise.

Additional features of vinyl windows include:

  • Increased efficiency – 40% more than aluminum
  • Available finishes – in both texture and color to match the aesthetics of any house
  • No noticeable chips or scratches – the color of the vinyl goes all the way through from surface to surface
  • Better in coastal environments – due to corrosion resistance
  • Lowest maintenance window available – no need for lubricating moving parts or fixing scratches and dents

Hurricane Impact WindowsAluminum Replacement Windows

Aluminum impact windows have traditionally been the popular choice in South Florida. The thinner design fits into most existing structures and is a lighter weight for buildings and condos. Energy efficient, attractive and long-lasting, they complement all South Florida homes in safety and security. While aluminum windows do not offer the same energy savings as good quality vinyl windows, many homeowners still report bills that are 15% lower than with their old windows.

  • Temperature blocking – from enclosed low E coating
  • Color-matching ability – can be powder coated to match any color now and can be painted in the future.
  • Preferred esthetics – sleeker less “bulky” than vinyl
  • Stronger structural integrity – for larger size windows and storm protection

Vinyl and Aluminum Impact Windows Installation

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