Deerfield Beach Impact Windows, Accordion Shutters and Storm Windows

For the most effective and affordable accordion shutters and storm impact windows, denizens of Deerfield Beach rely on Phoenix Windows & Doors.

Accordion Shutters Protect Your Deerfield Beach Home

Hurricane Proof WindowsIn many parts of the country, exterior shutters are only decorative. Here in Florida, however, functional storm shutters shield homes from damage when hurricane season comes around.


Unlike the hit-or-miss effectiveness of plywood storm shutters, the accordion shutters from Phoenix Windows & Doors are strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds—even when you’re facing 200 mile-per-hour gusts in Century Village or Lakeview. In contrast to makeshift storm shutters, accordion shutters take only minutes to slide into place, securely covering your vulnerable windows and doors.

Phoenix Windows & Doors uses only high-quality Genesis accordion shutters. The trained technicians at Phoenix Windows & Doors custom fit the accordion shutters to the windows and doors in your home, so they cover all exposed glass perfectly. From West Deerfield Beach to Bonita Park, and everywhere in between, the dependable accordion shutters installed by Phoenix Windows & Doors protect windows and patio doors from damaging winds and flying debris.

Impact Windows to Defend Against Hurricane Winds in Deerfield Beach

Impact Resistant WindowsAccordion shutters are strong, easy to use, and tailor-made for each house. However, they don’t work well for all houses. For a multi-story Mediterranean home in The Cove—one with casement windows, picture windows, transoms, and French doors—sturdy accordion shutters would simply be impractical.  

 Like accordion shutters, hurricane windows are designed to withstand the tempests of the Florida hurricane season. Phoenix Windows & Doors furnishes its customers with superior hurricane impact windows made by Assura, a local manufacturer. 

 These impact windows are structurally reinforced and give your home greater protection during a hurricane. From a style standpoint, they look just like ordinary windows…so none of your contemporary home style is compromised.

 Phoenix Windows & Doors can replace the regular windows in existing Deerfield Beach homes with these fortified storm windows. We also offer hurricane windows for new construction. 

Hurricane Shutters & Storm Windows Help Deerfield Beach Ride Out Storms


Whether you choose accordion shutters or impact windows for your Deerfield Beach house, Phoenix Windows & Doors has the home hurricane protection you need. Located just south of Deerfield Beach in Pompano Beach, we are happy to help our neighbors to the north weather the storm season.

 Originally just called “Deerfield,” the town was largely agrarian until 1939. That year, the town changed its name to Deerfield Beach to draw in the tourist trade.

 Today, Deerfield Beach residents spend their sunny days enjoying the accessible Arboretum at Constitution Park, home to numerous tree species and a butterfly garden. Families can gather for games and celebrations at the Highlands Community Center, sunbathe or water-ski at the beach, or learn more about their town’s history at the Butler House.

 On ominous days when the sun disappears and hurricanes race toward the Florida shore, accordion shutters and impact windows from Phoenix Windows & Doors keep Deerfield Beach homes safe. Call us today at 954-480-3056 to see how we can help you ride out South Florida’s storms.