Hurricane Proof Windows and Storm Windows in Margate, FL

Hurricane Proof Windows and Storm Windows in Margate, FLYour safety is of paramount importance. You wouldn’t drive without a seat belt, would you? You wouldn’t put your hand into a boiling pot of water. You go out of your way to avoid danger, and if you live in Florida, that means that you need hurricane windows!

At Phoenix Windows & Doors we provide storm windows to homeowners and businesses in Margate, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Working with you and your budget to find the right windows, we are passionate about providing you with the resources and tools to keep you safe, no matter the weather conditions!

Hurricane Windows in Margate, FL

Hurricane Proof Windows and Storm Windows in Margate, FLHurricanes are a dangerous and destructive natural disaster that can destroy homes, businesses, and lives. Living in Margate, or the surrounding areas may come with several benefits, but hurricanes are always a risk, and you need to protect yourself from their destruction.

Hurricane-proof windows are a durable window option available in a range of styles and materials. From aluminum to vinyl, hurricane windows are built to withstand strenuous weather conditions, including storms and harsh winds up to 200 mph. But not only are hurricane-proof windows ideal for keeping storms out, hurricane windows have several other benefits including:

  • Home Security – With unbreakable glass, hurricane-proof windows are the ultimate home security solution.
  • UV Protection – UV rays are not only bad for your skin but your furniture. These windows keep out the destructive UV rays and protect your belongings.
  • Energy Efficiency – By reducing solar heat, hurricane windows lower your cooling bills during those hot summer months.
  • Insurance Discounts – Most insurance companies recognize storm windows as a protection against perils, which may result in reductions.
  • Noise-Proof – Whether you live on a busy highway or the suburbs, hurricane-proof windows block out the noise of the outside world.

Storm Windows for Margate Residents

Margate, Florida is a prominent part of the Miami metropolitan area. Filled with parks and plenty of options for outdoor entertainment, families enjoy a quiet lifestyle in this safe community that has so much to offer. While Margate is a paradise, it’s not immune to the power of nature which makes the city a target for hurricanes and tropical storms. If you live in Margate or the surrounding areas, you need storm windows!

Storm windows are a type of impact-resistant window that protects homes and businesses from the perils of storms. With anti-shatter, weather-resistant features, storm windows, and other hurricane windows are built to outlast the elements and keep individuals and buildings secure.

At Phoenix Windows & Doors, our storm windows are:

  • Available in custom colors & shapes
  • Energy-efficient
  • Triple weatherstripping
  • Built to stop water surges
  • Easy to open & lock

Contact Phoenix Windows & Doors today for more information on hurricane-proof windows in Margate, FL.