Impact Windows & Doors Installation and Service in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach Communities

Impact Resistant Windows

Offering a full line of Assura Impact-Resistant Windows

Our company serves clients throughout Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami and is dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction with every sale and installation. Our products offer protection against hurricanes, storms, burglaries, and add an important layer of protection to your home.

Phoenix Windows & Doors exclusively uses Assura impact-resistant windows for your home, condominium or commercial property. Assura impact windows help you protect your property from hurricanes and storms while also meeting your style preferences.

As a Florida company that has been making quality products for over 50 years, Assura offers an extensive line of impact and non-impact windows and doors along with enhanced service and manufacturing innovation.

Reasons to consider Assura Windows & Doors for your next project:>

√ Thicker aluminum reinforcements, high performance glass & superior engineering deliver unmatched structural performance even at large unit sizes√ Energy efficiency is achieved through a selection of insulated glass options and/or vinyl frames

√ Advanced glass technology assures exceptional durability & consistent quality

√ High performance coatings deliver long lasting finishes

√ Top quality hardware

√ Refined aesthetics, a wide array of options & impeccable service make our products unique.

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Doors & Windows

Every homeowner in Florida knows the anxiety of staying safe and protecting our homes when hurricane season comes around each year. Conventional windows can easily be broken from high winds, tree limbs, or flying debris and present a big risk to your safety and the integrity of your home. Hurricane impact windows will bring you peace-of-mind along with a surprising amount of other benefits:

√ Stay safe AND protect your home from tropical storms and hurricanes, up to Category 5

√ Hassle free storm preparation on your part – no shutters required

√ Significantly increase the value of your home – your investment will more than pay for itself

√ Improve your home efficiency and reduce your monthly electric bill

√ Reduce your home insurance costs. Let your insurance carrier know you are installing storm impact windows, and your homeowner insurance rates will drop

√ Home security — make your home a fortress with unbreakable glass

√ Update the look of your home with new doors and windows